Natural PP Plastic Granules

The Natural PP Plastic Granules are offered with outstanding resistance to water, acid solutions and salt. These are required to make ketchup bottles, medicine bottles, containers caps, chairs car bumpers, etc.

Milky Plastic PP Granules

The Milky Plastic PP Granules are suited for the manufacturing of assorted products such as automobile plastic parts, packaging for consumer products, textiles, etc. The granules are of high density, impeccable finish, excellent thermal stability, optimum strength, and exclusive appearance.

Colored Plastic CP Granules

Colored PP Granules can be utilized as the essential parts of extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, processing technique, injection molding, and other. Supplied granules have fatigue resistance, opaqueness, long shelf life, eco-friendly attributes, which make them ideal for predicting plastic items.

CP Natural Granules

We are dealing in CP Natural Granules, which are widely suited for the production of several automobile parts, plastic products, sewing machine parts, sports items, etc. Supplied granules are of excellent chemical resistance.

Black PP Granules

We are offering Black PP granules, which are used for making several types of products. These are demanded for manufacturing automobile plastic parts, consumer products, textiles, packing covers, buckets, carry bags, and mugs etc.

PPCP Cutting

PPCP cutting granules supplied by us are the uniform-sized fragments of PPCP, made by crushing larger PPCP materials. Offered granules are suited for the extrusion as well as injection molding processes to make new products as well as parts. These are simple to store and transport.

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